There are so many good kids who are experiencing situations of discrimination, self esteem issues, and much more. I just want them to know they have hope, that they have people who believe in them.

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The Art of Confidence Project is transformatively impacting the lives of young people throughout the United States. As a globally published, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we work with children and youth of color who have had their confidence shaken or shattered by empowering them and restoring their confidence through the use of photography and imagery.

Whether it's hair discrimination, health conditions, learning disabilities, or challenges with self-esteem, the Art of Confidence Project is here to show our young people how powerful they are and reveal the beauty of their authentic selves.

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The way [Jermaine] was talking to me, it just made me feel like he was actually listening to what I was saying. All of the photos were his idea, and he has a really brilliant mind. He just had so many great ideas, it was like he knew me before he even met me. All those pictures just sort of were spot on with who I am. I didn't even realize that he knew that I sang! Singing is a way to escape for me, so just being able to sing while I was shooting with him and just him being able to capture the pictures of me getting away, that was awesome.

-- Macie Hill (AOC Project, Jun 2020)

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The Art of Confidence is the brain-child and passion project of Jermaine Horton, a professional wedding, sports, and portrait photographer and educator who enjoys creating dynamic images via off-camera and natural lighting. He teaches classes, presents at international conferences, and hosts workshops on photographic techniques and equipment, lighting, composition, creativity, small business management, and more. Jermaine's fun-loving personality and gift for storytelling have garnered the attention of thousands of clients, sponsors, and partners from around the world; he's also a Sony Artisan of Imagery and Westcott Lighting Top Pro. In his "spare" time (he’s a full-time dad), Jermaine also nurtures his healthy obsession with the Chicago Bears, his love for video gaming, his boundless appetite for travel and adventure, and his inner drive to create.

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